ST-Sim BurnP3+ SyncroSim Package

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ST-Sim BurnP3+ is an open-source SyncroSim add-on package integrating process based fire simulations into ST-Sim state-and-transition simulation models.


ST-Sim BurnP3+ dynamically links ST-Sim state-and-transition simulation models (STSMs) with BurnP3+ ignition, weather and fire growth simulations. This linkage incorporates more realistic fire perimeters into multi-year simulations of vegetation succession and disturbance.


This package requires SyncroSim version 2.4.22 or higher. The following packages are also required to use the ST-Sim BurnP3+ package:

To use the ST-Sim BurnP3+ package, you are required to follow one of the following two options:

  1. Follow the SyncroSim prompt to install the conda package manager and create the required conda environments upon installation of the ST-Sim BurnP3+ add-on package; or

  2. Install the R software version 4.2.2 or higher with the following libraries:

Getting Started

For a guided tutorial on ST-Sim BurnP3+, including installation, set up, model run, and output visualization, see this video tutorial.

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Gabrielle Ednie (Author)
Katie Birchard (Author, maintainer)
Leonardo Frid (Author)