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SyncroSim Add-On Package to ST-Sim

The stsimsf package is designed to integrate stocks and flows into state-and-transition simulation models in ST-Sim.

State-and-transition simulation models (STSMs) are used to forecast landscape dynamics. Using the base SyncroSim package, ST-Sim, you can design models to forecast the change of discrete variables, such as the expansion/contraction of agricultural lands or harvest of tree plantations (see Daniel, Frid, Sleeter, and Fortin (2016)). Using the ST-Sim Add-On package, stsimsf, you can design models to forecast the change of continuous variables as well, such as biomass and carbon fluctuations. For more information on integrating STSMs with stock-flow models, see the paper by Daniel, Sleeter, Frid, and Fortin (2018).


This package requires:

How to Install

Open SyncroSim and select File -> Packages… -> Install…, then select the stsimsf package and click OK.

Alternatively, download the latest release from Github. Open SyncroSim and navigate to packages, then install from file.

Getting Started

For more information on stsimsf, including a Quickstart Tutorial, see the ST-Sim documentation.

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Colin Daniel (Author, maintainer)
Ben Sleeter (Author)
Alex Embrey (Author)
Leonardo Frid (Author)