Getting started with Carce

How to Install

These instructions are for the most recent full release of carce (1.0.12)

  1. Download and install SyncroSim for Windows version 2.0.42

  2. Download the following SyncroSim Packages: carep(2.1.40), carmove (1.0.12), dgsim (2.1.39), carce (1.0.12)

  3. Open SyncroSim: Start -> Programs -> SyncroSim

  4. Install the following SyncroSim Packages (in this order): carep, carmove, dgsim, carce. Note to install a package in SyncroSim go to File -> Packages -> Add… and point to the ssimpkg file you downloaded in step 2.

  5. To open a carce SyncroSim library go to: File -> Open Library… and point to the appropriate *.ssim file.

  6. The final two steps are only required if you plan to run the caribou movement model (carmove) within carce. The carce package currently requires that you download and install QGIS 2.4.0-1 for Windows x64.

  7. To ensure that the carmove package points to the correct QGIS installation navigate to …Users[username]\Documents\SyncroSim\Modules\carmove\Scripts and edit the file called caribouMovement.bat. The first line should read:

    SET OSGEO4W_ROOT=C:\Program Files\QGIS Chugiak

    If this is not the root installation for QGIS 2.4.0 on your system, change this line to point to the root installation. Also confirm that inside the root installation there is a file inside the bin directory called o4w_env.bat. If this file is not located here, find its location and change the second line in the batch file from:

    CALL "%OSGEO4W_ROOT%\bin\o4w_env.bat"

    to point to the correct location of the o4w_env.bat file.