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Vegetation dynamics modelling framework

landfirevegmodels is a SyncroSim base package to deliver LANDFIRE STSM vegetation models. It is a wrapper for the ST-Sim package in SyncroSim.

The landfirevegmodels package contains hundreds of State and Transition Simulation Models of Biophysical Settings (BpS), designed by The Nature Conservancy’s LANDFIRE program in collaboration with experts across the United States. These BpS models are reference condition models depicting what ecosystems may have looked like prior to European colonization of North America. The purpose of the landfirevegmodels package is to provide baseline models that can be modified to represent current landscapes and used to forecast the effects of ecosystem disturbances and/or management actions through simulations.

For more information on how these types of models can be used for assessing the state of the current landscape, as well as planning for management action based on simulated future landscapes, see Blankenship et al., 2021.


This package requires the latest SyncroSim release.

How to Install

Open SyncroSim and select File -> Packages… -> Install…, then select the landfirevegmodels package and click OK.

Alternatively, download the latest release from Github. Open SyncroSim and navigate to packages, then install from file.

Getting Started

For more information on landfirevegmodels, including a Quickstart Tutorial, see the Getting Started page.

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