ST-Connect SyncroSim Package

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Connectivity planning for future climate and land-use change

ST-Connect is an open-source SyncroSim Base Package for forecasting landscape connectivity.

ST-Connect uses a pipeline approach to chain together spatially-explicit models of landscape change and habitat connectivity.

ST-Connect is a package that plugs into the SyncroSim modeling framework. It can also be run from the R programming language using the rsyncrosim R package.


This package requires the following software:

SyncroSim version 2.2.27.
R version 4.0.4 or higher.
Circuitscape 4.
Zonation version 4.0.0.

How to Install

Download and install R version 4.0.4 or higher.
Download and install Circuitscape 4.
Download and install Zonation version 4.0.0.
Download v1.1.10 of ST-Connect from GitHub.

Open SyncroSim and select File -> Packages… -> Install…, then select the ST-Connect package and click OK.

Alternatively, download v1.1.10 from GitHub. Open SyncroSim and select File -> Packages… -> Install From File…, then navigate to the downloaded package file with the extension .ssimpkg.

Getting Started

For more information on ST-Connect, including a Quickstart Tutorial (under construction), see the Getting Started page.

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Bronwyn Rayfield (Author, maintainer)
Alex Embrey (Author)
Colin Daniel (Author)
Valentin Lucet (Author)
Andrew Gonzalez (Author)
Kyle Martins (Author)