WISDM SyncroSim Package

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Workbench for Integrated Species Distribution Modeling

WISDM is an open-source SyncroSim package for developing and visualizing species distribution models.

WISDM was designed to update and replace VisTrails SAHM, a software application originally developed in 2013 by the U.S. Geological Survey (Morisette et al. 2013). The WISDM package streamlines your species distribution modeling (SDM) workflows by preparing data, fitting model ensembles, and visualizing model outputs. WISDM maintains records of the various data inputs, processing steps, and modeling options used during SDM construction, and allows users to customize and run existing SDM methods, such as Generalized Linear Models, Random Forest, and Maxent, without having to interact with different software platforms. WISDM also allows users to easily visualize and compare model scenarios from within the SyncroSim user interface.


This package requires SyncroSim version 2.5.5 or higher.
Java is also required if you choose to run Maxent models within the WISDM package.

Getting Started

For a guided tutorial on WISDM, including installation, set up, model run, and output visualization, see the Getting Started page.

Browse source code at http://github.com/ApexRMS/wisdm/.
Report a bug at http://github.com/ApexRMS/wisdm/issues.
Maxent software at https://biodiversityinformatics.amnh.org/open_source/maxent/


Skye Pearman-Gillman (Author, maintainer)
Catherine Jarnevich (Author)
Peder Engelstad (Author)
Brian Miller (Author)
Jeffrey Morisette (Author)
Leonardo Frid (Author)