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Omnidirectional landscape connectivity based on circuit theory

omniscape SyncroSim is an open-source SyncroSim base package for running Omniscape.jl and calculating omnidirectional landscape connectivity.

omniscape SyncroSim allows users to run the latest Omniscape.jl code without ever having to interact with Julia directly. Rather, through SyncroSim, users can run an Omniscape analysis using either a Windows user interface or through scripts written in R (using rsyncrosim) or Python (using pysyncrosim). For details on model parameters and configurations, see the Omniscape.jl documentation.

omniscapeImpact is an add-on package to omniscape SyncroSim that compares the connectivity outputs of two omniscape analyses. For more information, see the omniscapeImpact tutorial.


The latest version of omniscape SyncroSim has two requirements:

Instructions for installing the above requirements are provided on the Getting Started page.


For tutorials covering the basics of omniscape and omniscapeImpact SyncroSim packages, see:

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Carina Rauen Firkowski (Author, maintainer)
Bronwyn Rayfield (Author)
Katie Birchard (Author)
Marie-Josée Fortin (Author)
Colin Daniel (Author)


Firkowski CR, Rayfield B, Birchard K, Fortin M-J, Daniel C. (2024). omniscape SyncroSim: omnidirectional landscape connectivity based on Omniscape.jl in SyncroSim.